Writing websites starts before design

Positioning and messaging first. Then writing, which guides information flow. Followed by design and build. An effective website demands impressive content, clear messaging, and wording that resonates with the target audiences.

Of course you want your website to be attractive. But flash and photos won’t drive a visitor from the home page to another page. Great design won’t bring a searcher to your site. A natural order of ideas and content must draw a visitor to what they’re looking for and the action you want them to take.

the 5 aspects of a good website

WebSite NavigatioN

Navigation is key for any good website. Visiting your website should be a simple and enjoyable experience so if your customer or visitor can’t find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently, they will most likely leave and find it somewhere else.

Clear Point of Action

Why is someone viewing your site? If your website is for a business, you should have a big visible button that yells “Buy” on the front page. If your site is not commercial, you should have a “Subscribe” or “Contact” button present.

Color scheme

The easier it is to read the content on your site and the more aesthetically pleasing the visuals are, the more likely your visitor will spend more time on your page. Color has an interesting way of instilling feelings within people.


Yes, we know you have A LOT to tell people! Of course you don’t want to leave anything out, but if you DO have a lot of information, how you organize it is extremely important. In this day and age, no one reads a whole page … too many words.


This goes along with presentation. Make sure that you don’t overload your page with clutter. Too many pictures can be distracting and too many words are boring. If you have a somewhat lengthy paragraph of some sort, break it up with an image.

our expertise

Your website is not an online brochure. Today it’s at the heart of your marketing strategy.

There are plenty of people who “do websites.” Lots of providers offer cheap or free sites. And they usually expect you to provide all content before they build. So really, they’re just programmers or builders. Or designers and programmers. They’re not marketers.

We begin as marketers. We focus the site content and layout to reach your target audiences and draw them in. To quickly tell the visitor where they are and why they should keep looking. Remember, the goal of the home page is to get visitors to the interior pages. 

Our websites deliver results.

We’ve defined the top level messages that support the positioning. Organized content so it’s easy to read and access. Designed information flow and calls to action to capture interest and encourage exploration.

Writing websites once the positioning and key messages are clear is part of the planning stage. Copy is not written to fit an already-approved design.

We will build in the results you expect—visitor traffic, inquiries, downloads, lead capture. We’ll deliver what your audiences are looking for.