A marketing mix that works

A brand comes to life where it appears, where the audience can touch, read, absorb, respond or connect.

Choosing the best marketing mix for each brand and audience demands experience and skill.

Audiences drive the choice of communication tools.

Your audiences have changed … and are continuing to change at a rapid pace. It’s tough to keep up. 

the 5p's of marketing strategy


The product meets customers needs or demands. It is critical to understand the problems that your product solves. The benefits offered by your product as well as its features need to be recognized by the customer.


Price covers what the end user should be expected to pay for your product. How a product is priced will affect how well it sells. In marketing, your research should lead to a perceived value of the product instead of an actual cost.


Marketing communication all falls under promotion within this marketing mix. Whatever the channel you decide to use, it needs to be suitable for your product, the price and of course the end user.


Place or its placement is how the product is provided to your customer. Distribution is a crucial element of placement. A placement strategy will help evaluate what channel is most suited to your product.


The Persona pulls together Product, Price, Promotion and Place within the marketing mix. A persona makes each of the traditional 4P’s of marketing meaningful. When done right, your brand is the persona who interacts with clients.

our expertise

Audiences drive the choice of communication tools

These stats may shake you up a bit … and they show the rise of digital and a new framework for marketing.

How long did it take to reach 50 million people?

Digital has disrupted the “old” ways of marketing. Yet truths remain. Your audiences are still looking for an answer, to solve a problem, to satisfy a desire, to discover something new. Who they are will guide where they look, which will drive where the marketing mix begins. Why they’re looking drives the message and the tactics used to reach them. 

Marketing tools and tactics to fit the audiences

First, the targeted strategy based on audiences and points of choice. Then a carefully designed mix, customized for your organization, your audiences and how your sales process works. In today’s digital world, a website is the center of your marketing.

We select and create each communication tool add and integrate it with the marketing mix. Each is thoughtfully designed to build the brand and reach the right people and inspire response.

Each program requires a unique mix of communications

Designed for your industry and your specific audiences, each brand program uses a marketing strategy focused on the points of choice — where your audiences will find you and respond.

•   Your website is the center. Should your website be an inbound marketing tool to capture qualified leads, also, or should be it be a resource of easy-to-find information?

•   If you’re selling packaged goods, packaging design is an essential point of choice. Yet there are decisions to be made about the structure, format, size and display of those packages, based on the product, where it’s placed and who buys it.

•   A fleet of trucks or vans are valuable to use as roving billboards. They’ll generate attention, brand recognition and phone calls.

•   Higher education admissions staff must reach high school students and their parents. Recruitment suites — a targeted series of publications to tell the school’s story — are still essential. 

From a range of marketing tools, we choose the marketing mix that will build your brand. We look beyond “this is what we’ve always done” to design a strategy that’s future-focused, fits today’s digital environment, and helps you stand out from your competition. Your target audiences will respond.

Bottom line? We’ll recommend and produce the mix that works.

We’ll choose and build the mix to reach the audiences you must reach to be successful. We’ll build your brand at all levels, print to digital, online or in your hand.